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♥ 32 Pages of Learning and Educational Activities for Your Toddler or Preschooler

– 18 Pages to Cut Out as Pieces for the Book

♥ Activity Book for Fun and Keeping Your Toddlers and Preschoolers Busy

A laminator, laminating sheets, and velcro dots are required.





Facial features

Finger names

Dressing for the weather

Community helper vehicles


Sorting land and water animals

Sorting fruits and vegetables

What belongs on a farm

Making a puzzle of a house

Uppercase alphabet

Lowercase alphabet

Shape matching

Color sorting


Body parts

Making a house with shapes

Finishing a picture

Letter sounds
Table place setting
Finishing a pattern
Buying groceries
Primary and secondary colors
What belongs in a kitchen
Matching shapes, shadows, and colors

*Plan at least an hour and a half to put this together between laminating, cutting, and velcro. It can be tedious process, but worth it when you finish the set up!*

• • • • • HOW IT WORKS • • • • •

1. Download and print Toddler Learning Binder Sheets. When printing, you can use standard copy paper if you are laminating them.
2. Laminate each stationary sheet double-sided. Therefore, you can print the stationary sheets double-sided to laminate one sheet at a time or you can print them all on separate sheets and insert 2 at once into the laminating pouch.
3. Punch holes in all of the stationary sheets and insert them into the binder.
4. Laminate each cut-out sheet one-sided. These ones have dotted lines down the center so you know where to cut.
5. Cut out each piece from the cut-out sheets. The pieces can be cut smaller that the lines show to eliminate a lot of the white space. However, don’t make the pieces too small as your child may lose them. Be sure to keep these cut out pieces in piles based on which pages they belong to so you know where they go.
6. Cut small velcro squares, strips, or velcro dots (the easiest) and stick them on the stationary pages. You’ll have to count how many cut out pieces go on each stationary page and where exactly they belong. For some of the scene pictures (farm, sorting fruits/vegetables) there is no set orientation for the velcro. However, on the ones with letters, numbers, body, etc, make sure you’re putting the velcro in the correct spot.
7. Cut small velcro squares and stick them on the back of the cut-out pieces.
8. Attach all of the cut-out pieces to their corresponding stationary pages.

Go to https://teachinglittles.com/how-to-make-a-quiet-book-or-busy-binder-for-toddlers-and-preschool-kids/ – a blog post all about how to make a similar binder to this one!

• • • • • WHAT THEY WILL LEARN• • • • •

Seasonal items
Clothing items
Letter sounds
Facial features
Where items belong
Sorting items into categories
Making patterns
Parts of the body
Finishing pictures (visual closure)

• • • • • FILE INFORMATION• • • • •

♥ 51 Pages – High Quality PDF Digital File

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Learning Binder for Toddler and Preschool – Quiet Book / Busy Binder